Exclusive Andy Somebody Clip Features an Unusual Type of Pizza

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive Andy Somebody clip from Launch Releasing’s new action comedy movie. The film is now available through video-on-demand.

The 90-second Andy Somebody clip previews the movie about an accountant named Andy, who is played by Jeremy M. Evans. In the film, Andy steals millions of dollars from his deplorable boss and then finds himself hunted by hitmen.

Check out the exclusive Andy Somebody clip below (watch more clips and trailers):

The movie is “an action comedy about Andy Fielder, a depressed Chicago accountant, who steals three million dollars from his boss, a corrupt plastic surgeon, and runs off to LA to start a new life,” per the film’s synopsis. “Andy quickly finds himself being hunted by his boss’s men and must find a way to outsmart his pursuers and keep himself and his best friend alive all while fulfilling a promise he made to his dying father.”

Andy Somebody was written and directed by Jesse David Ing, who co-wrote the script with Jeremy M. Evans. Ing previously directed several shorts, including Black, Burning Awayand Running in Circles. He also worked on the Pinbusters television series. It stars Evans, Leslie Wong, Jonathon Buckley, and Jacob Bruce.