Jack Nicholson fans come to his defense after paparazzi video

Jack Nicholson fans are blasting the paparazzi after releasing a video of the legendary actor looking “disheveled.”

Jack Nicholson

Heeeeee’s Jack! A video of Jack Nicholson that popped up this past week shows him moving slowly and staring into the sky, prompting some to question the legendary actor’s condition. Enter Nicholson supporters (Jack-olytes?), who have leapt to the Oscar winner’s defense with the full force of an ax through a door.

So, maybe don’t harass people who have been captured through deceptive and disgusting practices, let alone those that are in their 80s? Honestly, if we can still stand at 85, we’d be lucky. And not only is Jack Nicholson up and about, he’s doing it in a multimillion dollar house during retirement. The rest of us will still be paying off our student loans if we make it that long!

Jack Nicholson seems to be under attack by tabloids for the same thing that his fellow Bad Boy Drive neighbor Marlon Brando: aging and not looking the way they did at the height of their fame. And we all remember the paparazzi photos of Brando in his underwear…Brando passed away in 2004 at the age of 80.

Considering Jack Nicholson’s last movie was over a decade ago (2010’s How Do You Know), it’s not exactly crazy that he hasn’t been seen in public in quite some time…and there was also a little pandemic that made the news a couple years back that kept people indoors. And while we do miss Jack on the big screen and front row at the Oscars, that he exited the business after 50+ years on his own terms shows just the kind of man he is. Still, he would have been remarkable in the once-planned Toni Erdman remake.

Through his iconic career, Jack Nicholson earned 12 Oscar nominations (a record for any male) and won three, one of the few actors to do so. In addition to those, he also has an astounding 17 Golden Globe nodes, winning six statues and earning the Cecil B. DeMille Award. There are dozens of other notable victories, along with a surprising Grammy for Best Recording for Children.

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