Markiplier Horror Movie Announced, YouTuber to Star & Direct

Mark Fischbach, best known as his YouTube name Markiplier, has started production on Iron Lung — a horror movie that he wrote and is set to direct and star in.

Deadline brings word that the film, which will star Fischbach and Caroline Rose Kaplan, has entered production in Austin, Texas. Plot details are currently under wraps, but the movie is based on the 2022 horror video game of the same name by game developer David Szymanski.

“Set entirely within a claustrophobic one-man submarine nicknamed the ‘Iron Lung,’ you must blindly navigate an ocean of blood to take photographs of key locations, and hope whatever lives below doesn’t find you,” reads the original game’s description.

You can check out the Iron Lung teaser trailer below (watch more BTS videos and trailers):

Fischbach is famous for his Markiplier YouTube channel, where he frequently uploads “Let’s Plays” — gameplay videos with comedic commentary. The Markiplier channel, which was created in 2012, has 34.7 million subscribers, while Fischbach’s videos have over 19.8 billion views in total, at time of writing.

Fischbach currently hosts the Favorite Sports Team podcast with YouTuber Tyler Scheid and the Distractible podcast with fellow content creators Bob Muyskens and Wade Barnes.