Cannes 2023: The Sweet East, The Book of Solutions, The Feeling That the Time for Doing Something Has Passed | Festivals & Awards

Eight years have passed since the last feature by “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” director Michel Gondry. His at least semi-autobiographical new comedy-drama “The Book of Solutions” (also in the Directors’ Fortnight section) offers a slightly alarming yet endearingly whimsical pseudo-explanation for why it’s taken him so long to make another movie. Centered on … Read more

Amanda Seyfried Comedy Movie Delayed Due to WGA Strike

My Ex-Friend’s Wedding, a new Amanda Seyfried comedy movie, has been delayed due to the ongoing writer’s strike. Amanda Seyfried headlines the new ensemble comedy movie alongside Ariana DeBose, Megan Stalter, Liza Koshy, and Chloe Fineman. This Sony Pictures film will be directed by Kay Cannon, who previously directed Blockers and Cinderella (2021) and wrote … Read more

Harvey Guillén teases a fang-tastic Season 5 storyline for Guillermo

Harvey Guillén says Guillermo is taking matters into his own hands when What We Do in the Shadows returns for Season 5. Harvey Guillén’s Guillermo has had enough. After more than a decade of luring unsuspecting virgins to their doom, disposing of dead bodies, and waiting for his master, Nandor (Kayvan Novak), to turn him … Read more

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’ Is Three Hours Long

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer will mark several firsts in the director’s long career. For one thing, It’s his first R-rated movie in decades. (His last R-rated film was insomniafrom 2002. Everything he’s made since, including all three Batman movies and Dunkirkwere rated PG-13.) Maybe more notably for folks who get antsy at long movies: Oppenheimera biopic … Read more

TNT’s The Lazarus Project Uses Suspense Trapping to Ask Smart Questions | TV/Streaming

It turns out that a group calling themselves the Lazarus Project has been keeping humanity afloat by jumping the whole world back in time whenever natural events or human actions threaten a “mass extinction event,” to use their language. And while most people don’t remember the alternate timelines, George has somehow woken up to them. … Read more

What Happened to Marilyn Manson?

Once upon a time there was a sweet little child named Brian Hugh Warner. Brian would attend his Christian School while dreaming of working as a music journalist. Later in life Brian would use some of the wholesome images he learned in his religious upbringing to spread joy to his legion of fans. He would … Read more

Tapping Into the Infinite: Alexandre O. Philippe on Lynch/Oz | interview

So he becomes a “recording” like Richard Green’s Magician at Club Silenco. Totally! As a result of that, some interesting ideas came, such as the theatrical moment of the two hands opening the curtain. It caused the sequence to become more in line with the vibe of the film. We scheduled Sid’s green screen shoot … Read more

Into the Spider-Verse and Watch Online

Knowing where to stream Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will allow fans to watch it online and get caught up before seeing Across the Spider-Verse. Thankfully, once you know where it’s streaming, it’s easy enough to load it up on your TV, phone, tablet, or PC and get watching. Here’s where you can watch the Spider-Verse … Read more