Reimagine Wildfire Clip Previews Wildfire Documentary

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire clip from the intense wildfire-focused documentary by director Trip Jennings from distributor Journeyman Pictures. The film will globally release digitally and through TVOD on June 13, though you can currently pre-order it through Apple.

What is Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire about?

“Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire is for everyone living in the western United States who wants to better understand the challenges wildfire poses and the solutions to keep our homes and communities safe,” reads the documentary’s description. “The film challenges conventional wisdom and superficial talking points, while providing a revealing historical view of how we got to where we are today. The film takes viewers into the field with indigenous fire managers and top fire and climate scientists to explore how wildfire, healthy forests and communities can coexist.”

Check out the exclusive Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire clip below (watch more trailers):

Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire was directed by filmmaker Trip Jennings and produced by Ralph Bloemers. The documentary is narrated by award-winning actor David Oyelowo and features interviews with Dr. Beverly Law, Margo Robbins, Dr. Jack Cohen, and more.