Telltale Returns to Fine Form With Its Heartbreaking Take on The Expanse | Video Games

These moments are buoyed by smart writing (“Expanse” authors Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham assisted with the story) and nuanced performances, particularly from Gee. Twist your ears around the staccato space creole of the Belter’s native language and terminology—“felota,” “bosmang”—and you’ll find a tender, engrossing, frequently exciting story about a crew revealing their true colors … Read more

FX’s The Full Monty Loses Its Rhythm in Series Form | TV/Streaming

With many episodes written by co-creators Simon Beaufoy and Alice Nutter, our heroes find themselves in mildly amusing situations, however contrived, like in the pilot when Gaz is suddenly under the control of a show-dog who was accidentally kidnapped by his joyriding daughter Dez (Talitha Wing) and her friend Cal (Dominic Sharkey). Gaz is called … Read more

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Review: An MCU Return to Form

All Marvel needed to make Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 work was a loaded Gunn. MCU fans may remember when Disney removed writer/director James Gunn from the superhero film after the resurfacing of his controversial tweets. However, after a few months, Gunn was brought back on board, allowing him to tell one last story … Read more