Original Blue Ranger joins Power Rangers Cosmic Fury cast

David Yost, the original Blue Ranger, has joined the main cast of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury as a mentor to the young rangers. Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that David Yost will be joining the cast of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury as Billy Cranston, the original Blue Ranger. David Yost was part of the original cast … Read more

How Does Nick Fury Change His Face?

The Widow’s Veil is used by Nick Fury in Secret Invasion episode 5. Here’s how Nick Fury changed his face at the airport and what it could mean for the final episode of the show. What is the Widow’s Veil in Secret Invasion? The Widow’s Veil in Secret Invasion is a photostatic mask that can … Read more

Secret Invasion Episode 5 Clip Shows G’iah & Priscilla Fury Fending Off a Home Invasion

Ahead of tomorrow’s new episode, a sneak peek from the upcoming penultimate episode of Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion series has been revealed. It features Emilia Clarke’s G’iah teaming up with Charlayne Woodard’s Priscilla Fury. The action-packed video features G’iah and Priscilla going up against armed individuals who have come to Fury’s home. These soldiers were … Read more

Nick Fury Begins His Final Fight in the ‘Secret Invasion’ Trailer

Are we on the verge of Nick Fury’s final appearance in the MCU? The trailer for Secret Invasion definitely hints in that direction. At the end of the new teaser, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury gravely announces that he’s involved in “one last fight,” while a series of title cards declares “The end is closer … Read more