Secret Invasion Episode 5 Clip Shows G’iah & Priscilla Fury Fending Off a Home Invasion

Ahead of tomorrow’s new episode, a sneak peek from the upcoming penultimate episode of Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion series has been revealed. It features Emilia Clarke’s G’iah teaming up with Charlayne Woodard’s Priscilla Fury. The action-packed video features G’iah and Priscilla going up against armed individuals who have come to Fury’s home. These soldiers were … Read more

Who Is Emilia Clarke’s G’iah in Secret Invasion?

Emilia Clarke’s G’iah is a major character in the Marvel Disney+ series Secret Invasion. Though we’ve technically seen her in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before, let’s explore who this character is and why she’s taking part in the titular event. Who is G’iah? G’iah is a young Skrull who is Talos and Soren’s daughter. She … Read more