The X-Files Reboot Update Given by Ryan Coogler

The X Files could be coming back in the form of a new reboot from filmmaker Ryan Coogler, according to the original show’s creator Chris Carter.

Carter was a guest on the CBC radio show On the Coast With Gloria Macarenko recently, where he discussed the upcoming 30th anniversary of the hit sci-fi series. During the conversation, Carter let it slip that he had just spoken to Coogler, who he said would be rebooting the series “with a diverse cast.”

“I just spoke to a young man, Ryan Coogler, who is going to remount The X Files with a diverse cast,” said Carter, who also mentioned that a rebooted series would take place in a world filled with more conspiracy theories and that, due to how much the original series covered, it would be interesting to see what Coogler did. “[Coogler] has his work cut out for him, because we covered so much territory.”

Originally released in 1993, The X Files starred David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, respectively. The series focused on the pair as they investigated “X-Files,” which were unsolved cases featuring paranormal phenomena. In total, the series ran for 11 seasons and aired 218 episodes.

By the time it had finished, The X Files had become the longest-running science fiction series in US television history and was nominated for a total of 62 Emmy Awards, winning 16 of them. The series also spawned a massive fandom — one that still exists to this day and also became a massive influence on future sci-fi projects, including Lost, supernatural, Gravity Falls, The Visitorand more.