Vin Diesel Upset at Jason Momoa for ‘Overacting’ in Fast X

Jason Momoa’s Dante Reyes was an eccentric villain in 2023’s FastX. According to a recent report from RadarOnline, Vin Diesel wasn’t happy with Momoa’s portrayal.

What issues does Vin Diesel have with Jason Momoa?

In a new report, RadarOnline notes that Diesel is blaming Momoa for the poor reviews that Fast X received. Despite being a box office success, the film received mostly negative reviews, with critics calling out the film’s plot and outlandish action.

Although Momoa was mostly praised for his portrayal of Dante, the report notes that Diesel isn’t happy that Momoa is being called one of the only bright spots in the film.

“Vin is embarrassed Jason is being branded the only bright spot in the film and stealing his thunder in the franchise he built himself,” said a source to RadarOnline.

The report also mentions that insiders are saying that Diesel has been telling people that Momoa’s “overacting” and “scene-stealing” nature was a factor in the poor reviews, and undermined the film. RadarOnline’s report also mentions that Momoa is aware of how Diesel feels, although it’s unclear whether or not this will lead to any changes.

Diesel is no stranger to having issues with cast members on the Fast & Furious franchise. Previously, he and Dwayne Johnson had notorious issues that ultimately led to Johnson leaving the franchise. While those issues have since been squashed, it seems like Diesel is still very sensitive about the franchise he holds near and dear to him.

Fast X is available to watch now in theaters.