When Is It Coming Out?

Tea Hidden Strike release date is highly anticipated after a trailer for John Cena and Jackie Chan’s action comedy was revealed yesterday. So when can viewers expect to see the movie reaching theaters?

Is there a Hidden Strike release date?

Hidden Strike is slated to be released in 2023, though no specific release date has been given. The movie is listed as “coming soon” in its trailer, with no more details provided.

Hidden Strike will release in theaters. No streaming release date for Netflix, Hulu, Max, or the like has been provided, though may be revealed at a later date.

Hidden Strike stars WWE Superstar and Peacemaker actor John Cena as Chris Van Horne, a role that was originally reserved for Sylvester Stallone before the Rocky actor pulled out of the project. Action movie legend Jackie Chan co-stars as Luo Feng, while Pilou Asbæk plays Owen Paddock and Zhenwei Wang is Xiao Wei.

Its synopsis reads:

Two ex-special forces soldiers must team up and escort a group of civilians working for an oil refinery along Baghdad’s “Highway of Death” to the safety of the Green Zone.

Watch the new trailer below:

The movie looks set to be familiar to Jackie Chan fans, with it being in the mold of fellow Buddy Cop movie Rush Hour. Chan is also set to star alongside Chris Tucker in the long-awaited Rush Hour 4. For Cena fans, this is another blockbuster action film for the former WWE Champion, who recently starred in Fast X.

The movie will be directed by Scott Waugh, the filmmaker behind Need For Speed ​​and The Expendables 4, and will see Cena and Chan adopt the role of ex-special forces soldiers pulled together for a special mission. Viewers can expect more information on its planned release date in the coming months.