24-Inch Giant-Man Action Figure Is Hasbro’s Latest Haslab Project

Hasbro has unveiled its latest Haslab project for toy fans: a 24-inch Giant-Man action figure to honor the 60th anniversary of Marvel Comics’ Avengers.

What’s the newest Haslab figure?

The new figure will be part of Hasbro’s Haslab product line, a crowdfunding program that allows people to commit to backing the project. It will only be produced if enough people back it.

This time, the Giant-Man figure honors one of the original members of the first Avengers team. It will stand at 24 inches, making it the biggest Marvel Legends series figure ever made. The Giant-Man figure will come with three different swappable faceplates, and will feature 91points of articulation.

The crowdfunded project will run from September 8, 2023, through October 23, 2023, and will require 10,000 backers in order to begin production. If successful, the project will begin shipping around fall 2024, and will cost $199.99.

Similar to past Haslab projects, the Giant-Man figure will also have a variety of incentive-based rewards. Should the project reach 12,000 backers, the figure will come with a Marvel Zombies faceplate. If it reaches 14,000 backers, the figure will get a Secret Invasion Skrull Head as well.

Past Haslab projects that have been successfully funded include a large-scale version of the X-Men’s Sentinel, a giant Marvel Legends Galactus, and several Star Wars projects, as well as a few Transformers projects, including a massive Unicron figure that transforms into a giant planet.