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Want to know where to watch and stream The Girls on the Bus Season 1 Episode 5? Here are all the details about the upcoming episode. This political drama series follows a group of four female journalists as they cover the presidential elections on the campaign trail. It delves into the personal and professional challenges … Read more

Godzilla X Kong stomp their way to a Kaiju-sized opening

While it’s only the second-best MonsterVerse opening, the movie ended up making $30 million more than expected. Easter Weekend proved to be absolutely gigantic for WB and Legendary’s MonsterVerse, with the fifth film in the franchise (which we ranked here), Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, grossing a massive $80 million domestically. While it was … Read more

Boy, 10, successfully pitches Home Alone meets The Godfather

10-year-old Connor Esterson successfully got his pitch for a Home Alone meets The Godfather movie into the hands of an Oscar winner. “Ma’am, I’m 10 years old, you think I could write this alone? I don’t think so.” The age demographics in Hollywood are about to skew a lot younger because a pre-teen has pitched … Read more

Kaylee Hottle Explains Importance of Humans in MonsterVerse

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire may not focus fully on its human cast, but according to star Kaylee Hottle, they are important nonetheless. Speaking to ComicBook, Hottle — who plays Jia in the recently released — discussed why she believes the humans in the movie are an integral part in telling the story of … Read more

Michael Keaton remembers Harold Ramis, a strange Ben Stiller encounter and making Andie McDowell laugh hysterically

In a recent career retrospective, Michael Keaton reminiced about making Multiplicity, fondly recalling Harold Ramis and Andie McDowell. In a recent sit-down with GQ, while promoting his new film Knox Goes Away, the great Michael Keaton took some time to look back at his favorite roles. One of them, of course, was Batman, which we … Read more

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Bāhubali 2: The Conclusion is a 2017 Indian epic directed by S.S. Rajamouli. Serving as the final installment in the Bahubali franchise, the film continues the legendary story of Mahendra Bahubali. After learning about the truth about his father’s death, an infuriated Mahendra takes up the path of revenge and vows to strike down his … Read more

What’s the Best MonsterVerse Movie?

POLL: What’s the Best MonsterVerse Movie? With Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire cleaning up at the box office, what do you think is the best MonsterVerse movie? March 31st 2024, 11:37am Every Film Doesn’t Need Its Own Universe With the recently announced Poohniverse, one thing has become abundantly clear: franchises are getting out of … Read more

Beyoncé and My Daughter Love Country Music | Chaz’s Journal

To celebrate this new knowledge about my daughter I offered to take her to the Kenny Rogers 2017 Farewell Tour in Nashville where a gallery of country stars were slated to perform to honor him. Among them were the McCrary Sisters, a black gospel quartet, whose very presence on the program left me feeling more reassured. But I got cold … Read more

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Excited to watch and stream Re:Monster Season 1 Episode 2 online? Delve into this fantastical anime series where Tomokui Kanata, after an unexpected demise, finds himself reborn as a humble goblin. Empowered by a unique ability to gain strength through feeding, he swiftly rises to lead his fellow goblins, blending his past memories with his … Read more