Prisoner’s Daughter movie review (2023)

With a script by Mark Bacci, “Prisoner’s Daughter” unfolds on fairly predictable lines: the slow melting of Maxine towards her father, the bond formed between grandfather and grandson, etc., and Brian Cox and Kate Beckinsale fill their thinly-drawn characters with backstory and fleshed-out complicated emotions. Every scene is loaded with baggage from the past. Ezra, … Read more

Lucas Till battles human traffickers in August action release

Trailer: Lucas Till, Ruby Rose, Mercedes Varnado, Tyrese Gibson, and Ruby Rose star in the action thriller The Collective Tea MacGyver reboot that starred Lucas Till came to an end in 2021 after a five season, 94 episode run – and now Till is moving on from his MacGyver with the action thriller TheCollectivewhich will … Read more

Was There Really a Dial of Destiny?

The fifth IndianaJones movie sends Harrison Ford’s intrepid archaeologist on the hunt for what the title refers to as the “Dial of Destiny.” Nobody in the movie calls it that, though; Indy and his friends refer to it as “Archimedes’ Dial.” In Dial of Destiny, Indy finds this artifact in the waning days of World … Read more

The Best Films of 2023 … So Far | Features

Now streaming on: “Showing Up” From the housewife trapped in a malaise in “River of Grass” to two strivers in the American West in “First Cow,” the people who live on the margins of the margins have long fascinated Kelly Reichardt. It would therefore seem odd that her newest film, “Showing Up,” set in the … Read more

Good Omens Season 2 Clip Shows Crowley Doubting the Purpose of Heaven & Hell

A brand new Good Omens Season 2 clip from the upcoming return of Amazon Studios’ fantasy comedy series has been released, featuring David Tennant as Crowley. The next installment will be available for streaming on July 28 on Prime Video. The video confirms Crowley’s current status in Hell as persona non grata, as the fan-favorite … Read more

Margot Robbie & Greta Gerwig buy tickets to Oppenheimer & Mission: Impossible

Barbie’s director, Greta Gerwig, and star, Margot Robbie, are urging fans to see competing blockbusters, including Oppenheimer. Kudos to Tom Cruise for blasting the narrative that releasing movies has to be a cut-throat business, with the actor going out of his way to support Greta Gerwig’s Barbie as well as Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimerboth of which … Read more

Terrifying Amnesia: The Bunker Demands You to Get Creative to Survive | Video Games

“The Bunker” is not the first game in the “Amnesia” series, which started in 2010 with the wildly acclaimed “Amnesia: The Dark Descent.” Independently released online for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, “The Dark Descent” was a critical hit and a word-of-mouth smash, eventually working to the PS4 in 2016 and the Xbox One … Read more