City Primeval trailer released by FX

FX has released the official trailer for Justified: City Primeval, which pits Raylan Givens against a ruthless killer. Raylan Givens is back in action and I couldn’t be happy. FX has released the official trailer for Justified: City Primevala new limited series inspired by Elmore Leonard’s crime novel City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit. justified … Read more

‘That 70s Show’ Star Danny Masterson Convicted of Rape

In the first trial surrounding charges of rape against former That ’70s Show star Danny Masterson, who took place last fall, a mistrial was declared. In a just-concluded second trial, Masterson was found guilty of charges stemming from incidents involving on two women. The jury was split on charges related to a third woman, with … Read more

KVIFF 2023 Announces Competition Titles, Premieres, and More | Festivals & Awards

The Proxima Competition, in its second year of existence, will present ten world and two international premieres, nine of which are fictional features alongside two documentaries from filmmakers like Swiss author Thomas Imbach, Poland’s Olga Chajdas, Cyprus-born Kyros Papavassiliou, French filmmaker Émilie Brisavoine and Romanian documentarist Alexandru Solomon, etc. NRC critic and Rotterdam International Film … Read more

Disney’s live-action short adaptation Hamilton director Thomas Kail

Disney taps Hamilton director Thomas Kail to helm the live-action remake of Moana starring Dwayne Johnson. Disney’s live-action adaptation of Moana gets more magical by the moment after welcoming the Tony Award-winning director of Broadway’s hamilton, Thomas Kail, to the high-profile project. Disney announced its plans for the live-action reimagining with the help of Dwayne … Read more

Cannes 2023: How to Have Sex, Los Delincuentes, The New Boy | Festivals & Awards

The low-simmering tensions between Taz and her friends, the barbed jokes Skye makes at her expense and the competitive jealousy that builds between them as they vie for male attention, leaves Taz feeling unhappy and isolated. Once Taz loses her virginity, a disorienting experience that causes her to withdraw even further, her confusion casts a … Read more

When Is It Coming Out?

Tea Hidden Strike release date is highly anticipated after a trailer for John Cena and Jackie Chan’s action comedy was revealed yesterday. So when can viewers expect to see the movie reaching theaters? Is there a Hidden Strike release date? Hidden Strike is slated to be released in 2023, though no specific release date has … Read more

A Sequel With Great Power

There are generally two types of sequels: The ones that rehash the previous film’s success for financial gain, and the ones that use the previous film’s success as a license to experiment. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse isn’t just that second kind of sequel, it’s actually about making precisely that sort of movie. The movie’s real … Read more