Terminator producer explains why pivotal scene was deleted

The Terminator producer Gale Anne Hurd reveals why a pivotal scene from the original James Cameron movie was deleted. Just about every movie leaves scenes on the cutting room floor, and The Terminator was no exception. However, one deleted scene from the James Cameron movie has always left Terminator fans wondering why it was dropped, … Read more

‘The Marvels’ Featurette Reveals How the Heroes Come Together

Barring an unexpected (and certainly as-yet unannounced) delay caused by the ongoing strikes in Hollywood, we’re still due to get one more Marvel movie in theaters before the end of 2023. That will be The Marvels, which is a sequel to both a movie and at least two different series: Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson, WandaVision starring Teyonah … Read more

Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time Continues Its Dull Fantasy Worldbuilding in Season Two | TV/Streaming

The problem is, in both last season and this one, “The Wheel of Time” doesn’t have much to offer the discerning fantasy fan. Besides, of course, lengthy runtimes, a glossary of high-fantasy gobbledygook, and plot threads as gossamer-thin as the magical waves the “channelers” of Robert Jordan’s fantasy world twirl around themselves, “Last Airbender”-like, when … Read more

Nyad Clip Shows Annette Bening & Jodie Foster Playing Ping-Pong in Netflix Biopic

Netflix has released the first Nyad clip and poster for its forthcoming sports biographical drama, featuring acclaimed actresses Annette Bening and Jodie Foster who can be seen playing ping-pong. The video shows Bening’s Diana Nyad as she tries to convince her best friend Foster’s Bonnie Stoll to become her coach for her return to long-distance … Read more

The Marvels trailer features new footage and a crash course on the film’s superhero triad

The Marvels trailer debuts brand-new footage alongside exciting recaps for all three of the film’s super-powered heroes. The Marvels touch down in theaters in November, and Marvel Studios is making sure fans know that the Captain Marvel sequel is ready to take them higher, faster, and further than the original. Today’s The Marvels trailer includes new footage from the upcoming … Read more

Slotherhouse movie review & film summary (2023)

As the title suggests, “Slotherhouse” is about a sloth that terrorizes a sorority. The fake house is cleverly called Sigma Lambda Theta, which essentially spells … sloth. And the sloth is basically a slow-moving but surprisingly resourceful version of Chucky. Why is there a sloth at the sorority house, you may be wondering? Well, college senior Emily … Read more

Neon Release Date for Netflix Comedy Series Set in Teaser Trailer

Netflix has revealed the Neon release date alongside a teaser trailer and images from the upcoming comedy series. What is the Neon release date for Netflix? Neon is set to release on Netflix on Thursday, October 19. The eight-episode series follows a group of friends who want to hit the big time in the world … Read more