Avenger co-stars blown away by Renner’s resilience

Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth had nothing but positives for Avenger Jeremy Renner after reuniting at Chris Evans’ wedding.

Renner Avenger

There are a few unwritten rules for weddings. One, don’t wear white unless you’re the bride. Two, don’t make a speech unless you are specifically told to do so. And three, this is not your day. By all accounts, Jeremy Renner followed all of these at the wedding of fellow Avenger Chris Evans, but many of his friends and MCU stars couldn’t help but put a spotlight on the actor, who has made one hell of a recovery following his January 1st, 2023 accident.

Speaking on Jeremy Renner’s recovery and just how far he has come in that time, Avengers co-star Robert Downey Jr. said, “If there’s one characteristic we’d all agree is paramount…it’s resilience. To see Renner embody that literally, and in the context of what was basically a Portuguese American wedding, was mind-blowing. Fully recovered and ready to celebrate. So, yes—miracles happen.” “Perseverance” is the perfect word to describe Jeremy Renner, whose well-documented progress through his recovery has made him an Avengers-level superhero to many.

Evans wed Alba Baptista last September, just over eight months after a snowplow weighing over 14,000 pounds crushed him, a near-death experience which resulted in blunt chest trauma and 30 broken bones. While he would probably never brag about it, RDJ proved to be one of Renner’s most consistent Avengers co-stars in terms of checking in and giving good vibes.

Evans’ wedding was actually the first time another Avenger, Chris Hemsworth, had seen Renner since his accident. “He sent us all a sort of a doped out, hospital, beat-up image and said, ‘All good, guys.’ And then I didn’t hear from him for a while as he was in the thick of it.” Hemsworth added, “There was an astounding sense of gratitude from him around just being alive.”

While a lot is up in the air as far as the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes, fifth and sixth Avengers movies are in development, so we’ll have to see just how/if the likes of Renner, RDJ, Hemsworth, and the rest assemble yet again – although some seem more committed than others…

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