Blue Lock Chapter 260 Spoilers & Leaks Reveal Kaiser’s Backstory

Per the Blue Lock chapter 260 spoilers and leaks, the upcoming chapter, titled “Worthless Thing,” sheds light on Michael Kaiser’s tragic backstory. It will be released on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, at 8 a.m. PDT. 

Blue Lock chapter 260 spoilers begin with the aftermath of Kaiser’s missed attempt at scoring a goal in the previous installment. However, instead of focusing on Kaiser on the field, the latest spoilers unexpectedly take readers to Kaiser’s childhood. The spoilers reveal that Kaiser was born to a small stage director and a leading actress. However, his mother abandoned him when he was young, which subsequently made his father develop a bitter perspective towards life.

As a result, he turned into an alcoholic and became verbally and physically abusive towards his son. The father even asked Kaiser to steal in the city, which Kaiser did to save himself from the trouble of facing parental abuse.

The chapter further reveals that Kaiser was not born out of love, and his overall circumstances urged him to leave his father’s house. To do this, he saved stolen money and eventually bought something on his twelfth birthday that would later change his life.

Kaiser apparently brainstormed about his gift and decided to get a football, hoping it would help him to feel alive. When his father abused him, he hugged his ball and cried. Subsequently, he dreamt of starting a new journey someday.

As if Kaiser’s fate was against him, a criminal acquaintance framed him for robbing a jewelry shop. Kaiser’s father naturally turned against him and provided no aid. Moreover, the police found a safe near Kaiser’s bed, which piqued his father’s curiosity.

When the police found money in the safe, Kaiser’s father claimed it, snatching it away from Kaiser. However, this did not faze the son, and he decided to save again. When the police were ready to take Kaiser away, they found his soccer ball. Kaiser’s father seized the ball, speculating that Kaiser had hidden money inside it. After he burst the soccer ball, it disheartened Kaiser.

Without thinking much, Kaiser kicked his father in the face. Later, when the son was locked up in prison, a PIFA-authorized agent named Ray Dark asked Kaiser if he liked football. Ray also offered to bail him out of prison if he agreed to play football. As the Blue Lock history would play witness, that moment marked the beginning of a new journey for Kaiser. The PIFA agent, who is currently the PIFA president, brought a light of hope for Kaiser as he helped him turn his life around.

The Blue Lock chapter 260 spoilers and leaks then explain how Kaiser, a delinquent from Germany, became one of the most important players in the history of football. According to the spoilers, the next chapter will further explore Kaiser’s history and his association with Ray Dark. Alternatively, the chapter may end with a glimpse of Kaiser back in the present, where the intense football game will resume.

Stay tuned for further updates on the Blue Lock manga.