Burning Shores Adds New Companion, Will Delve into the Quen Tribe

Horizon Forbidden West introduced a few new tribes into the lore. And its upcoming Burning Shores DLC is going to delve deeper into at least one of them.

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As explained by Guerrilla Games on the PlayStation Blog, players will get to “discover much more” about the Focus-using Quen (which Aloy’s companion Alva hails from) while roaming around the Burning Shores. Admiral Gerrit is one of the characters Aloy will come across, and he is a highly decorated commander in the Quen navy and leads the group of Quen in the DLC. Given his stature and how Guerrilla noted that players will see “how the tribe’s rigid hierarchy affects the new characters,” it seems like he will be an important person. However, Guerrilla didn’t reveal what he looked like.

Admiral Gerrit isn’t the only new main character, too, as Guerrilla explained that players will be teaming up with another person from the Quen tribe. Her name is Seyka and she is an “ambitious marine who has stepped up to help her people survive” who players will rely on in “many situations.” She was also described as “confident, compassionate, and fierce” and “unlike anyone Aloy has ever encountered.” Guerrilla didn’t have an in-game render of Seyka, but did at least show some stylized art of her standing beside Aloy.

The studio did put out some in-game renders of the Quen base, which is somewhat similar to their base in San Francisco in the main game. And while Guerrilla has talked about pre-order DLC, its PlayStation 5 exclusivity, and a new mount, still has yet to release some more footage of the expansion in action.