Civil War on its way to A24’s best ever opening

Civil War is well on its way to becoming A24’s biggest opening ever at the box office.

As we predicted earlier this week, Alex Garland’s speculative war flick, Civil War, is well on its way to becoming A24’s biggest opening ever. According to Deadline’s box office numbers, the film grossed $10 million on Thursday and Friday, with it now expected to make about $23 million. That’s a solid number for a hardcore, R-rated adult movie, but the studio behind it, A24, really has a knack for making their films an event for serious filmgoers. In fact, it’s one of the only studios I know of that has a legit following, with Deadline making the interesting point that A24 is like the HBO of movie companies. There’s a certain quality level you can always be sure of, and indeed, we gave Civil War a rave.

Otherwise, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is once again defying industry expectations, with it outpacing their estimates, on its way to a $13-15 million weekend. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire should take third place, making $4.6 million, with it within a hair of passing the $100 million mark. Fourth place will go to Dev Patel’s well-reviewed Monkey Man, which is falling about 56% to a $4.5 million weekend. Last weekend’s bomb, The First Omen, isn’t likely to make fifth place, with it being outgrossed by Kung Fu Panda 4, which is likely going to make about $4.4 million. Given that there’s only an estimated $200k difference between the third, fourth and fifth positions at the box office, the order could easily change by tomorrow. I would expect The First Omen to make a pretty swift debut on Hulu, where this solid horror flick might pick up a following after seemingly being overlooked by horror audiences. Hopefully, Abigail will have better luck next week. 

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