David Leitch’s action-packed adaptation starring Ryan Gosling hits CinemaCon

Universal Pictures and Focus Features take center stage at CinemaCon to highlight David Leitch’s upcoming action adaptation, The Fall Guy.

The Fall Guy, CinemaCon, Ryan Gosling, David Leitch, Emily Blunt

Universal Pictures and Focus Features are teaming up to take the main stage at CinemaCon by storm! Toward the end of the dual presentation, details concerning David Leitch’s The Fall Guy took the center spotlight. The presentation includes an amazing stunt show, cast and crew comments, and The Fall Guy debut trailer.

The Eighty-Seven North stunt team walked onto the stage while a guy on a motorcycle zipped across the stage, dragging someone behind, while people did parkour around him. Then a crew came out with balded weapons – swords and sais. After an impressive display of skill, a guy with a bo staff took them all out.

David Leitch took the stage, while Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt repelled down on ropes, only it was their stunt doubles. The actual Gosling and Blunt performed a skit where they refused to come out because it looked too dangerous. “Is it safe,” Gosling asked. “We don’t engage in that kind of horseplay,” said Blunt.

The Fall Guy is built around amazing stunts, with Gosling, as in the show the film is based on, playing a stuntperson. Leitch said the TV show made him want to be a stuntman and that the show is critical to that community.

In the film, Gosling is a stuntman who broke his back and retired, but Blunt, his ex, is directing a movie – a space opera like Star Wars. The lead actor disappears, and she needs Gosling to fill their spot.

In the trailer shown to the CinemaCon crowd, Gosling is a valet. He’s lost his nerve after breaking his back in a fall. He comes back to work on his ex’s movie. He does several amazing stunts, including barrel rolls and being set on fire. The trailer showcases great chemistry between Gosling and Blunt. Gosling is doubling Aaron Taylor-Johson’s character, the guy who vanished. Gosling wants to find him to win Blunt back, as her movie will end if they can’t find Johnson’s character, who has fallen prey to some shady shit.

Glen A. Larson created ABC’s Fall Guy series from 1981 to 1986. Lee Majors starred as Colt Seavers, a Hollywood stuntman who moonlit as a bounty hunter. Using his physical skills and knowledge of stunt effects, he traveled around the country, capturing fugitives and criminals. The movie will be ditching the bounty-hunting and focus on the stunts. Ryan Gosling will star as a “battered and past-his-prime stuntman who finds himself back on a movie with the star he worked with long ago and who replaced him. The problem, however, is that the star is now missing.”

Hannah Waddingham, Stephanie Hsu, Teresa Palmer, Winston Duke, and Adam Dunn also star.

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