Did Henry Cavill Come Back and Return as Geralt?

For those confused about why Henry Cavill is still playing Geralt in The Witcher season 3, here’s a breakdown of what exactly is going on. If you’re wondering “Did Henry Cavill come back?” and “Is Liam Hemsworth no longer playing Geralt?”, this article should help to clear things up.

Is Henry Cavill back as Geralt in The Witcher TV series?

No, Henry Cavill is not back as Geralt in The Witcher. Once season 3 has concluded, Cavill is to be replaced by Liam Hemsworth.

The fact that Netflix announced Henry Cavill’s departure and his being replaced by Liam Hemsworth ahead of the launch of series 3 has caused fans some confusion. Some folks will have heard that Cavill is no longer going to be playing Geralt, but then see him in season 3. This could lead fans to think that Cavill is back as Geralt and is no longer being replaced.

Once The Witcher season 3 has come to an end, it will be clear that Cavill’s time as Geralt has come to a close. Apparently, the actor’s exit will be “quite flawless,” “lore accurate,” and “very, very close to the book’s ‘meta ideas.’”

With the start of season 4, viewers can expect to see Liam Hemsworth as the new Geralt. It remains to be seen how Hemsworth’s performance compared to that of Cavill, and whether or not the actor will try to emulate Cavill’s take on the witcher or attempt something a bit different.

For those hoping to see Liam Hemsworth in action instead of Henry Cavill, you will need to wait for a season 4 trailer.

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