Did Kim Soo-Hyun & Kim Ji-Won Get a Happy or Sad Ending?

Hit K-drama Queen of Tears ended with the final episode (16) on Sunday, April 28, 2024, at 9:10 p.m. KST on tvN and Netflix. The episode ended with the characters getting well-deserved closure. Eun-Seong died after fatally wounding Hyun-Woo. However, Hyun-Woo recovered and reconciled with Hae-In. The couple had a kid together and lived happily ever after. The series ended with an old Hyun-Woo visiting Hae-In’s death, giving viewers both a happy and a bittersweet ending.

Queen of Tears is one of the most popular K-dramas and has finally come to an end. The series showcases the tumultuous love story of Hong Hae-In (Kim Ji-Won) and Baek Hyun-Woo (Kim Soo-Hyun) as they navigate their married life crisis, a terminal illness, and an obsessive villain to get together in the end. Viewers have greatly adored the couple’s chemistry on and off screen, making it one of the most memorable K-dramas.

Queen of Tears Ending: Kim Soo-Hyun & Kim Ji-Won get their happy ending in Episode 16

The latest Queen of Tears Episode 16 picked up from where it left off — Yoon Eun-Seong abducting Hae-In after causing Hyun-Woo’s accident. As Hyun-Woo fought for his life at the hospital, Eun-Seong trapped Hae-In in a room. They recalled their proposal at the aquarium, following which Hae-In got up. She tried to escape. Meanwhile, Hyun-Woo’s parents visited him in the hospital only to find him missing. He left to find Hae-In and rescue her, all while being fatally injured.

Hae-In realized Eun-Seong’s obsession with her and lied about visiting Hyun-Woo to confirm that the latter had faked her handwriting. She apologized to Eun-Seong to momentarily calm him down. Meanwhile, Eun-Seong revealed they would take the helicopter at dawn and get married before returning to manage Queens Group. Hyun-Woo confirmed with his lawyer friend Kim Yang-Gi to confirm if Hae-In was alive.

As per Hyun-Woo’s plan, Grace informed Mo Seul-Hee about Hae-In’s disappearance. Grace made it seem like Eun-Seong would dampen Seul-Hee’s plans to take over as the Queens Group Chairman. Seul-Hee realized that her son had taken Hong Man-Dae’s money and converted it to US dollars. Meanwhile, Hyun-Woo and Yang-Gi arrived at the main house to rescue Hae-In. Hyun-Woo asked Hae-In to call the police while he went to meet Hae-In.

Before meeting Hae-In, Hyun-Woo met with the housekeeper, who gave him the secret key to the back of the house. At the house, Hae-In overheard Eun-Seong and Seul-Hee’s conversation about how the latter had previously arranged the beach accident when a young Hae-In lost her older brother, Su-Wan. Eventually, Hyun-Woo caught hold of Hae-In, and the two escaped. However, Eun-Seong caught them and asked Hae-In to join him. Meanwhile, the police also arrived at the location.

Eun-Seong shot at Hae-In. However, Hyun-Woo jumped in front and got shot to protect her. Later, the police fired at Eun-Seong, killing him. Hyun-Woo was admitted to the hospital while Hae-In broke down. She once again apologized for hurting him. Meanwhile, Seul-Hee found the hidden cash from the fund. She was about to leave when police informed her of her son Eun-Seong’s death. Back home, Hae-In’s parents, Kim Seon-Hwa and Hong Beom-Jun looked at their beach vacation photos when the former realized Hyun-Woo saved Hae-In in the accident.

After hearing news of Hyun-Woo, the Hong and Baek families arrived at the hospital. After recognizing her in-laws, Hae-In broke down. Seon-Hwa told Hyun-Woo’s mother, Jeon Beong-Ae, about their children’s intertwined fate and apologized for being mean to Hyun-Woo when he was the one who saved Hae-In. Eventually, when Hyun-Woo woke up from his successful surgery. The families rejoiced as Hae-In embraced him.

Hae-In asked Kim Yang-Gi why Hyun-Woo wanted to divorce her. The lawyer asked her to focus on their love story and not worry about the past. Hae-In shared some memorable moments with Hyun-Woo. Man-Dae’s three children, Hong Beom-Seok, Beom-Ja, and Beom-Jun, reunited to seek revenge against Mo Seul-Hee. The latter, meanwhile, decided to buy more shares using the secret fund. Using this information, Hyun-Woo helped the family to understand the illegal secret fund’s use, promising to file a suit.

Meanwhile, Cheon Da-Hye decided to come clean about her actions, advising Grace to do the same. She decided to live an honest life and confessed the same to Soo-Cheol. At the court hearing for Seul-Hee’s use of the secret fund, Hyun-Woo provided evidence of her convincing people to buy a problematic land and making it seem like the plaintiffs fold for investing in the land. When Seul-Hee’s lawyer tried to blame it on Eun-Seong, Da-Hye took the stand, confessing her wrongdoings.

Da-Hye revealed how Seul-Hee advised her to hide her identity and marry Soo-Cheol. Da-Hye further expressed how she made Soo-Cheol meet Eun-Seong to strike the land and resort deal. However, when that didn’t suffice, Hyun-Woo brought out crucial evidence. He made Grace switch the tabs that contained evidence of Seul-Hee drugging Man-Dae. The police then arrested her for attempted murder.

The Hong family was reinstated in Queens Group with honors. A few happy moments followed them, including Soo-Cheol spending time with his adopted son Geon-U as they waited for Da-Hye, Beom-Ja, and Young Song to start their romance and Baek Mi-Sun reunite with her husband. Meanwhile, Hae-In continued her dreams to make the Queens Department store more customer-friendly. Secretary Na informed her of Hyun-Woo booking a restaurant that people proposed in. However, it was an office party, crushing Hae-In’s expectations.

After coming home, Hae-In recalled memories of when the couple lost their baby. This broke her heart. As the duo took a walk the next day, they promised to stay together forever, regardless of the issues. They also decided to have a baby. Hyun-Woo eventually proposed to her, and after some banter, Hae-In accepted it.

By the end of the episode, Da-Hye and Grace were released from the correction center and reunited with Soo-Cheol and the family. The Hong and Baek families made memories together as Hyun-Woo and Hae-In spent time with their child in Germany. The episode ended with an old Hyun-Woo visiting Germany again after 2074. However, This time, he placed flowers on Hae-In’s grave, indicating that the two spent enough time together until one passed away.

As he visited the flower field, he saw Hae-In before him. The two then briefly reflected on their love story, stating, “When only one of us is left, the other one can come to meet them. Then it won’t be scary at all. Because we’ll be together.” This marked the happy but realistically bittersweet ending of their journey.

All episodes of Queen of Tears are available to stream on Netflix.