Does Seo Ji-Hoon Save Seo Young-Joo?

Episode 10 of Begins ≠ Youth aired on Xclusive on May 14, 2024. In the episode, the audience sees Park Ha-Ru (Kim Yoon-Woo) revealing to Jeong Ho-Su (Ahn Ji-Ho) the truth about what happened to him during his childhood that completely traumatized him. The episode also sees Kim Hwan’s (Seo Ji-Hoon) father plotting a vicious plan favoring his political agenda.

Kim Hwan’s father’s plan puts Kim Do-Geon’s (Seo Young-Joo) life in grave danger. However, when Kim Hwan finds out what is going to happen to his friend, he rushes to save him. The biggest highlight of Begins ≠ Youth episode 10 is Kim Hwan’s ability to save Kim Do-Geon’s life at the very last moment.

Begins ≠ Youth Episode 10: Seo Ji-Hoon saves Seo Young-Joo

Episode 10 of Begins ≠ Youth opens with Kim Joo-An (Jung Woo-Jin) talking to a mysterious person. The person shows him the picture of Min Ce-In (Noh Jong-Hyun). Kim Joo-An then questions whether Min Ce-In can help him get his family back. The episode then returns to the present, where Park Ha-Ru (Kim Yoon-Woo) gets admitted to the hospital after he tries to end his life.

Later on, the episode shows Park Ha-Ru having an intense conversation with Jeong Ho-Su (Ahn Ji-Ho). He finally reveals what happened to him in the past that caused him so much pain and suffering. Park Ha-Ru discloses to Jeong Ho-Su how he saw a man hurting another young boy in the forest area. However, he could not do anything as he froze in fear. The man then asked him to play hide and seek with him. Since then, he has been hiding from him. After that, he further reveals what happened between him and the man when he met him recently after many years.

The man revealed to Park Ha-Ru that his parents paid him to stay hidden. It turns out his parents are also massively responsible for his mental health. They did not allow him to heal by keeping the menacing man hidden from him and stopping him from telling everything to the police. Jeong Ho-Su is utterly shocked to hear what Park Ha-Ru’s parents have done to him.

Towards the end of Begins ≠ Youth episode 10, viewers see Kim Hwan’s (Seo Ji-Hoon) father plot a terrifying plan. He does this to fulfill his political goals. The man plans to destroy the container where Kim Do-Geon (Seo Young-Joo) stays by putting it on fire. He also plans to sacrifice Kim Do-Geon in the process.

Fortunately, Kim Hwan finds out that Kim Do-Geon’s life is in danger due to his father’s malicious plan. He then rushes to save Kim Do-Geon, frantically calls him, and asks him to get out of the container. However, before he can say anything, he gets into an accident. When Kim Hwan gets near the container, he sees that it has already perished in the fire. However, it turns out that Kim Do-Geon came out of it after Kim Hwan’s call. Thus, he survives.

At the end of episode 10 of Begins ≠ Youth, Kim Hwan sees Kim Do-Geon and Kim Joo-An together safely and soundly. He is relieved after seeing them. However, Kim Joo-An blames him for putting Kim Do-Geon’s life in danger. But Kim Do-Geon forgives him. Kim Hwan’s father lashes out at him for saving Kim Do-Geon. The episode ends with Kim Hwan telling Kim Do-Geon that he is leaving the place and going to the U.S.

Viewers can watch Begins ≠ Youth episode 10 on Xclusive.