Favorite Movie to Never Hit Number 1 at the Box Office

Bruce Willis hated this Die Hard 2 line

In a new book, Die Hard 2: Die Harder director Renny Harlin says there was a line star Bruce Willis refused to say.

The Expendables 4 (aka Expend4bles): Everything We Know

The Expendables 4 is finally coming to theaters, with a fall 2023 release date. Here’s everything we know about the sequel.

Underrated Harrison Ford Movies

The Indiana Jones franchise is coming to an end. What underrated Harrison Ford movies can you watch to help you say goodbye?

Harrison Ford has no plans to retire

Even at 80, legendary actor Harrison Ford has no intention to retire, saying his workaholic attitude won’t allow it.

Weekend Box Office: Spider-Man swings back to first while Flash has worst second week drop in DCEU history

Animation was king at this weekend’s box office as Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse and Elemental secured the top two spots while The Flash continues its horrific run.

Sony CEO calls AI scary but says it can’t replace human creativity

The debate continues as to whether or not AI is scary or a natural continuing in technological advances…or both.

Poll: Favorite Movie to Never Hit Number 1 at the Box Office

What movie that never hit number 1 on the box office charts is your favorite?

Elvis Presley estate calls Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla “awful”

While the estate of Elvis isn’t happy with Sofia Coppola’s film, Priscilla Presley thinks it will offer an “emotional journey” for fans.

Christopher Nolan on the ending of Inception

Christopher Nolan says the ending of Inception has an intellectual ambiguity to it that still leaves it open for discussion.

James Mangold responds to Dial of Destiny reception

James Mangold also said he tried to channel franchise director Steven Spielberg whenever he could while filming Dial of Destiny.