Gia Coppola’s The Last Showgirl, starring Pamela Anderson as a veteran star of the stage, gets a first look on the way to Cannes

Check out the first look at Pamela Anderson as a veteran showgirl for Gia Coppola’s upcoming Las Vegas drama The Last Showgirl.

Crank up the music, get the body glitter, and prepare for a hell of a show because Pamela Anderson is taking the stage for Gia Coppola’s The Last Showgirl. As news about Cannes Film Festival offerings fires up, fans of the blonde bombshell can look forward to their favorite Baywatch star returning to the spotlight as the star of Coppola’s upcoming film. In The Last Showgirl, Pamela Anderson plays a seasoned Las Vegas showgirl who is taking another crack at life. The Last Showgirl, from Goodfellas and Utopia, heads to the Cannes Film Festival market later this month.

Deadline debuted a first look at Pamela Anderson in The Last Showgirl, which, I’ll remind you, is not a sequel to Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls, starring Elizabeth Berkley as a drifter turned starlet of the stage. The image (shown above) shows Anderson in profile wearing a bedazzled, sheer top and feathered headdress. As Las Vegas roars with life in the background, Anderson looks to be contemplating how she’ll eat Sin City alive with her next move.

According to Deadline’s exclusive report, The Last Showgirl stars Anderson as a veteran showgirl “who must plan for her future when her show abruptly closes after a 30-year run. As a dancer in her fifties, she struggles with what to do next. As a mother, she strives to repair a strained relationship with her daughter, who often took a backseat to her showgirl family.”

The Last Showgirl is in post-production, with a strong showing of Hollywood’s must-watch stars leading the cast, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Dave Bautista, Kiernan Shipka, Brenda Song, and Billie Lourd. Kate Gersten co-wrote the screenplay with Robert Schwartzman, and Natalie Farrey produced it. Autumn Durald Arkapaw (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever) is the cinematographer, and Andrew Wyatt (Barbie) composes the music.

“Combined with a captivating narrative, this film embodies the strength, resilience, and creativity of female voices in independent cinema. Pamela’s performance shows a very different side of her, adding depth to the iconic Las Vegas showgirl. As we embark on this journey, we can’t wait for audiences worldwide to experience the magic of this film,” said Goodfellas Head of Sales Eva Diederix and Utopia VP of Sales Marie Zeniter.

Are you excited about Pamela Anderson’s return to the silver screen?  What do you think about her starring in the upcoming Naked Gun reboot? Let us know in the comments section below.

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