HBO Max Schedule May 1-7: New TV & Movies

White House Plumbers is premiering as part of the HBO Max schedule for May 1-7.

Starting on Monday, May 1, HBO Max subscribers can watch White House Plumbers. The upcoming five-episode political drama miniseries starring Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux focuses on the Watergate scandal. Veep alums Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck created and executive produced White House Plumbers, with David Mandel set to direct and executive produce.

The cast includes Lena Headey, Judy Greer, Domhnall Gleeson, Toby Huss, Ike Barinholtz, Kathleen Turner, Kim Coates, Yul Vazquez, Alexis Valdés, Nelson Ascencio, Tony Plana, Zoe Levin, Liam James, Kiernan Shipka, Tre Ryder, David Krumholtz , F. Murray Abraham, Rich Sommer, and John Carroll Lynch.

“White House Plumbers takes the audience behind-the-scenes of the Watergate scandal as Nixon’s political saboteurs, E. Howard Hunt (Woody Harrelson) and G. Gordon Liddy (Justin Theroux), accidentally topple the presidency they were zealously trying to protect… and their families along with it. Chronicling actions on the ground, this satirical drama begins in 1971 when the White House hires Hunt and Liddy, former CIA and FBI, respectively, to investigate the Pentagon Papers leak. After failing upward, the unlikely pair lands on the Committee to Re-Elect the President, plotting several unbelievable covert ops – including bugging the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate complex. Proving that history can sometimes be stranger than fiction, White House Plumbers sheds light on the lesser-known series of events that led to one of America’s greatest political crimes.”

The list of executive producers also features Harrelson, Theroux, Mandel, Ruben Fleischer, Gregg Fienberg, The District’s David Bernad, and Frank Rich, along with wiip’s Paul Lee, Nne Ebong, and Mark Roybal and Crash&Salvage’s Len Amato.

HBO Max Schedule May 1-7 | New TV & Movie Additions

Monday, May 1

  • Absolute Power, 1997 (HBO)
  • Alpha Dog, 2006 (HBO)
  • American Honey, 2016 (HBO)
  • As Tears Go By, 1988
  • Betrayed, 1988 (HBO)
  • Black Mass, 2015 (HBO)
  • Blue Valentine, 2010 (HBO)
  • Calvary, 2014 (HBO)
  • Coffee and Cigarettes, 2003
  • Daddy Day Care, 2003 (HBO)
  • Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears A Who!, 2008 (HBO)
  • Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story, 2005 (HBO)
  • Eat Pray Love, 2010
  • The Forbidden Kingdom, 2008 (HBO)
  • Heartbreakers, 2001 (HBO)
  • The Hole In The Ground, 2019 (HBO)
  • Hustle & Flow, 2005 (HBO)
  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, 2007 (HBO)
  • The Karate Kid, 2010
  • Kingsman: The Secret Service, 2014 (HBO)
  • The Last Castle, 2001 (HBO)
  • Lord Of Illusions, 1995 (HBO) (Director’s Cut)
  • Lucky You, 2007 (HBO)
  • Man Of The House, 2005 (HBO)
  • Mid90s, 2018 (HBO)
  • Midnight Sun, 2018 (HBO)
  • Mirror Mirror, 2012 (HBO)
  • Mirrors, 2008 (Extended Version) (HBO)
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, 2016 (HBO)
  • Paper Moon, 1973 (HBO)
  • Paranoia, 2013 (HBO)
  • Parasite, 2019 (HBO)
  • The Rookie, 2002 (HBO)
  • Shark Night 3D, 2011 (HBO)
  • Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow, 2004 (HBO)
  • Soapdish, 1991 (HBO)
  • Some Like It Hot, 1959 (HBO)
  • Sorority Row, 2009 (HBO)
  • Step Brothers, 2008
  • White House Plumbers, Limited Series Premiere (HBO)
  • Windtalkers, 2002 (HBO)

Tuesday, May 2

  • 1000% Me: Growing Up Mixed, Documentary Premiere (HBO)
  • Batwheels, Season 1E
  • Run All Night, 2015 (HBO)

Wednesday, May 3

  • Fifty Shades of Grey, 2015 (HBO) (Unrated Version)

Thursday, May 4

  • The Other Two, Max Original Season 3 Premiere

Friday, May 5

  • Unicorn: Warriors Eternal, Season 1

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