Horizon Forbidden West DLC Adds New Hybrid Swimming/Flying Mount

Horizon Forbidden West‘s Burning Shores DLC is adding a few new machines to the game when it comes out on April 19 on PlayStation 5. One of these robotic creatures, as Guerrilla Games just revealed, is called the Waterwing and is for those who want to fly in the skies and dive deep into the ocean.

As shown by the above tweet, the Waterwing is a mid-sized flying mount that can seamlessly transition from flying among the clouds to diving deep underwater. Guerrilla stated that it was also an “unrelenting foe,” but did not show the Waterwing in any combat scenarios.

The Waterwing is somewhat like the Sunwing, which is the flying mount in the base game that players get to ride near the end of the campaign. The two are quite similar in design, but the Sunwing’s head and wings are shaped a little differently.

Guerrilla still has not shown much of Burning Shores, as even its most recent post on the PlayStation Blog was all about how the PS5 has allowed the studio to make better and more realistic clouds. It did, however, reveal the expansion’s pre-order bonuses in lieu of more substantial details or a gameplay trailer.