How Does Adarsh Gourav’s Movie End?

Adarsh Gourav’s latest movie, Woh Bhi Din The, is an ode to the simple, stress-free days when friendships were real and love meant everything.

Directed and written by Sajid Ali, the movie was produced by Shoojit Sircar, Ronnie Lahiri, JA Entertainment, and Sheel Kumar. It also stars Rohit Saraf and Sanjana Sanghi in lead roles. Woh Bhi Din The was shot in 2013 but premiered on ZEE 5 on March 29, 2024.

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Woh Bhi Din The ending: Does Rahul help Dalu Mukhi?

In Woh Bhi Din The, Dalu Mukhi gets hold of Rahul and asks him to arrange passes for their school fair. But Rahul turns him down politely and tells him that he doesn’t have the authority to give those passes to anyone but the students. However, Dalu Mukhi and his men manage to sneak in, wearing the school uniform. Later, Rahul breaks up with Milky for shaking hands with a few guys. 

In a stacking ring stall, Dalu molests Shalini, and the principal kicks Dalu and his men out. Even though Paritosh had sneaked Dalu in, he put the blame on Rahul. Paritosh also wrote a letter to have Rahul thrown out of their class and even managed to get 34 signatures out of 40 students. So, the principal asks Rahul to get his life together. When Rahul breaks down, the principal makes him understand that giving up is not the solution to all the problems in life.

Was Dalu Mukhi caught?

Rahul then accepts the rejection from his friends and begins to focus on his studies. The change in Rahul’s behavior becomes evident as he keeps to himself, silently coping with the sadness. Rahul’s father observes his productivity and feels proud of him. However, Dalu Mukhi returns and offers everyone the question papers for the final exams. When Rahul declines to buy the papers, Dalu Mukhi informs him that most of his classmates, including Joy, have purchased the papers. So, Rahul approaches Joy to warn him, but Joy refuses to talk to him.

On the day of the first exam, chaos erupts in the classroom as Dalu’s papers turn out to be inauthentic. Paritosh and the group demand a refund from Dalu, but he refuses and steals Paritosh’s bike, intending to hold onto it until he receives the money. When Rahul sees his friends in trouble, he offers to report the issue to the principal.

However, Paritosh beats up Rahul and breaks his hand with a heavy stone. When the police seek his statement, he chooses not to betray his friends. Instead, he informs the police that Dalu Mukhi is responsible for everything and is selling fake question papers. So, the police arrest Dalu.

What happens to Rahul in the end?

Shalini visits Rahul and confesses that she has been in love with him all along. Although Rahul lost a year in school, he regained his friends’ trust. Paritosh and the others grab him from his house and help him climb onto the school’s rooftop.

At the movie’s end, an older Rahul gets up after finishing his story, motivating the new generation of troublemakers to make the most of their lives. It remains a secret whom Rahul ends up with – Milky or Shalini.

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