How Many Episodes & When Do New Episodes Come Out?

Viewers of On the Case with Paula Zahn Season 27 are wondering how many episodes are in the series and when each new episode comes out. Watch Paula Zahn on a spree of crime-solving and uncovering mysteries. The focus is on various heinous homicidal cases and suspenseful mysteries that she delves into. Season 27 bears thematic similarities with its predecessors and builds on their success and popularity.

Here’s how many episodes are in On the Case with Paula Zahn Season 27 and on what day new episodes come out.

How many episodes are in On the Case with Paula Zahn Season 27?

On the Case with Paula Zahn Season 27 has 8 episodes.

The episode list is as follows:

  • Episode 1: Wrong Place, Wrong Time
  • Episode 2: Where He Belongs
  • Episode 3: Dissecting a Triangle
  • Episode 4: An American Tragedy
  • Episode 5: When the Music’s Over
  • Episode 6: A Murder at Paradise Ranch
  • Episode 7: The Bitter Truth
  • Episode 8: Where is Alexis?

The season kicks off with the murder investigation of two teenage girls whose cause of death remains obscure. The remaining episodes are packed with gripping cases. This includes using evidence and clues to track down a vicious killer, untangling a twisted love story that culminated in a young woman’s death, and unearthing the mystery behind the killing of a DJ’s wife. Analysis of macabre homicides continues to predominate this season. The last episode, which is scheduled to air on April 24, 2024, explores a young woman’s shocking disappearance.

The season premiered on March 6, 2024. The episodes were released every week. The season is premiering on HBO Max.

The cast of On the Case with Paula Zahn includes Paula Zahn who serves as the series’ host and primary cast.

When do new On the Case with Paula Zahn Season 27 episodes come out?

New episodes of On the Case with Paula Zahn Season 27 typically come out Wednesday.

The official synopsis for the series reads:

“Award winning journalist Paula Zahn unravels shocking crimes interviewing those closest to the case including lawyers, the victim’s family, detectives and the convicted murderer themselves.”

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