How to Watch Gangs of Galicia Season 1 Online

Are you looking to watch Gangs of Galicia Season 1 through online streaming, or want to learn where you can stream it for free?

Gangs of Galicia is a Spanish crime drama that tells the story of a female lawyer who joins a drug cartel just to avenge her father’s murder. The show is conceived by Jorge Guerricaechevarria, with Roger Gual on the director’s seat. Each episode furthers the gripping storyline with a side of suspense and mystery.

How to watch Gangs of Galicia Season 1 streaming online

You can watch Gangs of Galicia Season 1 via Netflix. Netflix is one of the largest streaming services in the world, and features a treasure trove of Spanish drama series.

You can sign up to Netflix by visiting the official website or mobile app and clicking on “Sign Up.” Once you create your account, you can choose a streaming plan that suits your needs.

Can you watch Gangs of Galicia Season 1 online for free legally?

You can’t watch Gangs of Galicia Season 1 for free.

Netflix hosts all seven episodes of Gangs of Galicia season 1 on its platform, but you will have to create your account and opt for a plan before you can binge watch the crime drama series. Netflix doesn’t offer its users a free trial, so a subscription is the only way to go.

What is Gangs of Galicia Season 1 about?

The show follows Ana, an attorney living in Madrid. She is talking to her father aboard his sailboat in Fuerteventura, when he is shot and passes away. While reading his will, Ana comes across a secret bank account in her father’s name with two women, Laura and Berta, listed as the beneficiaries. Upon further investigation, she discovers her father’s involvement in drug trafficking, leading her to a Galician drug cartel. Determined to avenge her father, Ana moves to Cambados in order to infiltrate the gang.