Is Madame Web a Prequel to Sony’s Spider-Man Movies?

You may be wondering if Madame Web is a prequel to Sony’s Spider-Man films. The movie takes place earlier in the Sony Spider-Man Universe timeline, which might lead some viewers to believe that Madam Web could be a prequel to the Spider-Man movies. However, there have been three separate live-action Spider-Man movie continuities in the last two decades, making things confusing.

Is Madame Web a prequel to the Sony Spider-Man movies?

Is Madam Web a Prequel
Image Credit: Sony Pictures

Madame Web isn’t a prequel to any of the existing Sony Spider-Man movies. However, it may still be the prequel to a future one. Sony’s Spider-Man universe was rebooted a third time with the release of Venom in 2018, but a new Spider-Man film has yet to be announced. Presumably, if one was produced, it would be part of the same continuity as Madame Web. If that’s the case, then Madame Web would be a prequel to it.

Ironically, Spider-Man hasn’t been seen yet in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. This rebooted timeline consists of Venom, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Morbius, and Madame Web so far. It’s possible that the upcoming Venom: The Last Dance or Kraven the Hunter might introduce Spider-Man, but it’s unlikely we’ll see him until a new movie devoted to the character is made.

Given the dynamic nature of cinematic universes, it’s worth noting that Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is still evolving. Madame Web could be a foundational piece for future stories, potentially setting the stage for new characters and plotlines. However, with Morbius and Madame Web flopping, we may see Sony reboot its Spider-Man universe yet again.

Fans will need to stay tuned for upcoming releases like Venom: The Last Dance and Kraven the Hunter, which may provide further clues about Spider-Man’s eventual role in this universe. While Spider-Man has yet to appear, the groundwork laid by these films could lead to his introduction, making Madame Web an essential part of the larger narrative puzzle.