Is There an Ahsoka Episode 3 End Credits Scene or Post-Credit Sequence?

For those curious to know whether or not there’s an Ahsoka episode 3 end credits scene or post-credit sequence, this article gives you the definitive answer without any spoilers. Here’s what you need to know about any potential Ahsoka episode 3 post-credit scene.

Does Ahsoka episode 3 have an end credits scene?

No, Ahsoka episode 3 does not have an end credits scene.

There is nothing to see after the third episode’s credits. This means that viewers can safely close the Disney Plus app and go about their day (or find something else to watch). Do not fear, as you won’t be missing any secret Ahsoka reveals. It’s just names upon names and then a fade to black.

While there’s an expectation for superhero movies and TV shows to save big reveals for after the credits, Star Wars content rarely does this. Instead, any teasers are usually included at the very end of an episode or film. This ensures that the entire audience sees the reveal, while after credits scenes will often be missed by those who turn the TV off too early or are too quick to leave the cinema.

Though the first three episodes haven’t had anything after the credits, it’s still possible that future installments will have a bonus scene. Therefore, for those who are worried about missing any bonus content, it’s a good idea to find articles like this one for confirmation.

For now, you can continue to assume that Ahsoka does not have post-credits scenes. However, you still might want to stick around for the names of the people who helped to create the series, as a show of respect.

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