James Wan recovering after being rushed to ER

Aquaman director James Wan is “on the mend” after being taken to the emergency room for an undisclosed reason.

James Wan

Director James Wan is recuperating after being rushed to the emergency room over the weekend. Although details as to why Wan was taken to the hospital were not disclosed, his recovery looks to be well underway.

On Instagram (where the director uses the name creepypuppet – gotta love that), a photo of James Wan in the hospital had the following caption: “It has been an extremely rough and scary couple of days and nights…You never want to rush to ER in the middle of the night and then have to stay in the hospital. Cedars Sinai is truly the best!! The best doctors, nurses, technicians, just the most wonderful people. James is safe now and on the mend.” Going off of the perspective, Wan himself may not have completely written this but it is good to see him conscious and upright following the sudden scare.

While the story has since been deleted, a DC fan account posted a screenshot of James Wan in the hospital:

James Wan is poised to have a pretty high-profile rest of 2023, with the September 29th release of Saw X (in which he serves as executive producer) and DCEU sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, set for December 20th. While the former has some promise in that Tobin Bell is reprising John Kramer / Jigsaw, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been getting its share of attention for its behind-the-scenes troubles. The sequel has been treading water for some time now, with multiple reshoots, rotating actors playing Batman and so much more. Come on, this thing will be on “WTF Happened to This Movie?!” within a year…

James Wan has proven himself to be a vital player in the horror scene since making his debut with 2004’s Saw, also attaching himself as EP for the subsequent nine entries. He, too, has been a key figure in The Conjuring series, got behind the wheel for a Fast & Furious entry and brought us the made-for-meme M3GAN.

What has been your favorite James Wan movie, whether as director or producer? Send your positive vibes in the comments section below as Wan continues his recovery.