Johnny Depp shreds studio heads and overblown budgets

Johnny Depp

As Johnny Depp awaits his return to cinema on home turf, many of us are wondering just what his Hollywood career will look like. After all, Jeanne du Barry — a period piece in which he plays Louis XV — isn’t exactly going to be a mainstream hit in North America. Will he work for Disney again in another Pirates of the Caribbean movie or has that opportunity walked the plank? Judging by recent comments, he may be after more original material in this new phase of his career, which may also allow him to avoid the studio system.

In a new interview with Metro, Johnny Depp noted that, no matter how much money franchise films may make, he suspects moviegoers still ultimately crave something original. “By and large, for the majority of the years I’ve been wandering around aimlessly talking to people, they really want the same thing…They don’t want to be fed dreck. They’re happy when they experience something new or different. So that’s why I’ve always felt, as an actor, it’s your responsibility. When you come out of the gate each time… you’re putting as much at stake as anybody.”

Considering Johnny Depp has been on a hiatus — having not appeared in a film since 2020 and having been wrapped up in a 2022 trial with ex Amber Heard — he has a lot at stake himself. That will be seen first with Jeanne du Barry, which hits domestic theaters next month.

Through this, the star can also show what he has outside of mainstream cinema, perhaps also pointing at his days as a blockbuster star being over. On studio heads and the industry as a whole, he said, “They’re disposable and they realise it. Glorified accountants who have the ability to press the green light and make studio films… but they press the green light, they spent s***loads of money. Budgets are ridiculous on these films… some romantic comedy with two very popular people. People – the real people – they’re sick of it.” Of note, the average budget for a Pirates of the Caribbean movie was $255 million, with On Stranger Tides hitting a once-record-breaking $379 million!

Whether or not we see Johnny Depp lead another blockbuster remains to be seen, but if he sticks by his word, it looks like he may be putting most of his effort into participating in original stories with sensible budgets, something we haven’t really seen him dive into since the 1990s…And we are here for it!

What do you want to see Johnny Depp do next? Do you want blockbusters, more original works or a combination? Let us know below!