Kevin Spacey Called ‘Sexual Bully’ as London Court Case Begins

Opening statements in Kevin Spacey‘s new court case have begun, with prosecutors labeling the actor as a “sexual bully” that “delights in making others feel powerless and uncomfortable.”

Kevin Spacey’s latest court case opened this week

In a report on the court proceedings by Deadline, Spacey was once again accused of a variety of acts of sexual assault, with prosecutor Christine Agnew KC noting that Spacey has previously grabbed “aggressively other men in the crotch,” as well as a litany of other acts.

In total, Spacey has 12 charges against him, including sexual assault and indecent assault, with different charges alleged to have occurred in a range from 2001 all the way to 2013.

“None of the men wanted to be touched by Kevin Spacey Fowler in a sexual way but he doesn’t seem to have cared very much for their feelings,” said Agnew in her statements to open the case. “He did what he wanted to do for his own personal sexual gratification. What does the defendant say in answer to these allegations? Well, in relation to some he suggests that they are quite simply made up. In relation to others, he accepts that there was a sexual encounter between him and the other man but asserts that anything that took place would have taken place with the consent of the other man.”

While Spacey has denied all allegations, he also said that, due to the charges, he thinks people are “afraid” to support him.

Last year, a New York jury found that Spacey did not sexually assault actor Antony Rapp, who first came forward against Spacey in 2017. Spacey says the results in London should be similar to those in New York.

“The moment scrutiny is applied, these things fall apart,” Spacey said. “That’s what happened in the Rapp trial, and that’s what will happen in this case.”

Once heralded as a legendary actor, Spacey’s career came to a screeching halt in 2017 when he was accused of making sexual advances on then-14-year-old Anthony Rapp (an actor who appeared in a Broadway show with Spacey) in 1986. More allegations came forward following that, leading to Netflix cutting ties with Spacey on their planned film Gore, as well as removing him from the final season of the series House of Cards.