KOTOR Remake Update Offered By Publisher

AT Star Wars: KOTOR Remake update has been given by Embracer Group, breaking a long silence involving the development of the Knights of the Old Republic remake.

What was the most recent Star Wars: KOTOR Remake update?

Insider Gaming revealed that the update comes from Embracer Group’s year-end report. In said report, the company lists all games that are currently planned for release or in development as of May 24, 2023. Alongside multiple other games, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake is listed as in development at an internal Embracer Group studio for release on PlayStation 5 and PC, confirming the Star Wars game is indeed still being worked on.

The history of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake is a turbulent one. The game was initially revealed in 2021 when developer Aspyr showed off a brief teaser and revealed it was working on the game.

Since then, reports from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier in 2022 noted Aspyr would no longer work on the game and that Saber Interactive — another subsidiary of the Embracer Group — would take up development. It’s unclear what, exactly, caused Aspyr Media to put the game on pause, but the game does seem to still be on track for a release at some point in the future.