Luffy’s Fight With Kizaru and Saturn, Explained

The climax of One Piece‘s Egghead Island arc is approaching as Luffy, Kizaru, and Saturn fight Sanji in an intense battle. The episode- 1108, showed Luffy fighting both Saturn and Kizaru and this made it a very exhilarating showdown.

Though Saturn has fought Luffy before too, this time he assumes his spider form. On the other hand, with Vegapunk’s condition continuously deteriorating, Luffy knew he could not fight carelessly. He then ordered Sanji to take Vegapunk and leave the island.

Luffy knew that once Saturn assumed his complete spider form and returned to the battlefield, he would need some extreme measures. Sanji, on the other hand, did precisely as the captain ordered. Though Kizaru attempted to prevent it, he failed.

But Kizaru did not give up, he tried to follow Sanji and Vegapunk, later too. But this time he was interrupted by Luffy himself, as he had now taken the form of a giant. Despite all this, Saturn tried to destroy everything by using his dangerous poison. He, too, was tackled by Luffy. This is one of the most memorable moments in One Peace where Luffy stops Saturn and Kizaru at the same time. Luffy, in his giant form, grabbed Saturn’s head by using one of his hands, while Kizaru was squished between the other. He has inflicted quite a lot of damage on Kizaru so far. Luffy left no options to Kizaru and even made him cough up his blood. At this instant, Kizaru is already injured a lot and it’s evident that Luffy is not going to let him go.

Luffy vs. Kizaru and Saturn: One Piece fight explained

Luffy is currently at full power, and he is facing both Saturn and Kizaru at the same time. Of course, fans are wondering whether he can win a fight against both of them. Well to conclude the speculation, Yes, Luffy is indeed capable of fighting them both, at once. First of all, a Marine Admiral is not as strong as a Yonko and Oda has demonstrated that countless times to the readers. This epic battle in the Egghead Island arc is the most recent example of this. Fans can witness Luffy easily defeating Kizaru. Although Saturn has a strong look, he also seems struggling in dealing with Luffy. Where things are heading now, it is very likely for Luffy to fight both of them and win.

Though winning or losing is yet uncertain, what fans certainly know is that Luffy will probably fight alone. Chapter 1108 of the series captured Dorry and Brogy heading towards where Luffy was. At the same time, once Vegapunk is safely delivered to the edge of the island, Sanji might come back for a rematch.

The Luffy vs Kizaru and Saturn fight in the arc of Egghead Island in One Piece is at a critical point. Luffy’s skill of fighting both opponents at once is a clear indication of his high strength. The battle result is undecided, but Luffy’s courage and possible allies promise a thrilling next stage of the fight. Not to mention, Fans are impatient to see how this battle ends up on Egghead Island.