M. Night Shyamalan reveals the setting of his next thriller

Writer/director M. Night Shyamalan has revealed the setting of his next psychological thriller, which is titled Trap

Last October, Universal announced that they would be releasing the next thriller from writer/director M. Night Shyamalan on April 5, 2024… but in February, Shyamalan secured a multi-year deal with Warner Bros. So the plan has changed. The filmmaker will now be making his next thriller, titled Trap, for Warner Bros., who have not yet announced a release date for the project. Goal during the Warner Bros. presentation at CineEurope in Barcelona, ​​Shyamalan did reveal the setting of Trap.

According to Deadline, Shyamalan told CineEurope attendees that the film will be a “psychological thriller set at a concert“. He didn’t reveal anything else about the story.

He did say he’s excited to have joined the Warner Bros. family. His daughter Ishana is making her feature directorial debut with the gothic fairy tale The Watchers, and that film is set up at Warner Bros. as well. It has a June 7, 2024 theatrical release date.

Recently, the elder Shyamalan told Collider that he already knows what his next three movies are going to be, with Trap being the first of the three. He said, “I have three movie ideas. I even have the structure of all three to some extent. And so it’s a very weird and interesting situation I’m feeling. I wish I could tell them faster. I wish I could get there faster, but there is no shortcut. I have to spend the six to nine months to write it. I have to storyboard for three months, and then we have pre-production, and then shooting it, and edit for as long as I can get every single second.”When asked if it might take six years for him to get all three movies out into the world, he said he’s hoping to move faster than that.

The next two films remain total mysteries, but now we know that Trap is set at a concert. So does a Shyamalan thriller set at a concert sound interesting to you? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

I have watched every M. Night Shyamalan thriller up to this point, so I’ll definitely be watching this one as well.

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