Marvel’s Avengers Update Fixes Iron Man’s War Machine Skin

While Marvel’s Avengers had its last big patch on March 31, Crystal Dynamics stated that it would still lightly support the game until September 30. This kind of support was only relegated to small updates to fix tiny problems. Its latest update did just that, as the team has released a patch to fix Iron Man’s War Machine skin.

This armor was one of the costumes added in that aforementioned final patch to thank fans for their support. All players had to do to unlock was unlock an achievement or trophy anytime before April 1. However, that did not go according to plan for everyone, as noted by multiple Reddit threads of users who couldn’t get the skin. This 2.8.2 update more or less fixes that and is the biggest feature in the patch notes.

Crystal Dynamics advises those who migrated their saves from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 to go back into the PS4 version and equip the Variable Threat Response Battle Suit and then transfer their save. Once they log into the PS5 version, the skin should be unlocked. It may appear as locked on other platforms for those who deleted their original save and are playing on a new save. The team notes that those players should restart their game.

And as a final footnote, all hero card-related objectives have been removed. The 2.8 update took out hero cards in general, which halted completion of specific mission chains.

The game’s Twitter account noted that this is the last expected patch for the game. But it’s always possible that another bug will pop up or the team will address other issues before September 30.