Midnight Suns Storm Gameplay Video Details Electrical X-Men Member

Midnight Suns is just about to finish up its season pass with the upcoming Storm expansion. And following tradition, Firaxis Games released a gameplay breakdown for the Midnight Suns Storm DLC, showing what she’ll look like in battle.

Midnight Suns’ Storm is built around stuns

Storm’s Bloodstorm DLC brings in a new mechanic fittingly called Next Turn. This buffs cards that sit in the player’s hand for at least one turn. For example, Storm’s Arc card hits an opponent, but keeping it for a turn means it’ll arc a few more times, damaging even more foes. Goddess’ Blessing, another Storm card, adds Next Turn all Storm cards in the player’s hand. Her kit is built around synergies like this, giving players ample room for tactical play.

Her passive is a bit different, as it gives her a 10% chance to stun enemies. Leveling it up increases the chance of a stun by 5% based on the amount of Storm cards in the player’s hand.

The Storm DLC also brings the Enhanced THREAT Room which allows users to train against the AI ​​Players can choose the difficulty of these battles, which enemies spawn in, what allies join the fight, and more. Each hero can enter once per day to try out abilities and gain experience.

While this is the last character in the Midnight Suns season pass (Deadpool, Venom, and Morbius were the other three characters), it’s unclear if the game will get more heroes down the line. None have been announced. However, the video ended with host Christopher Odd saying that this was “maybe the last time you’ll hear from [him]” before adding “but maybe not.”