New Babylon 5 Movie in Development From Original Creator

AT Babylon 5 animated movie is in the works from original series creator J. Michael Straczynski.

What is known about the Babylon 5 movie?

On Wednesday, Straczynski confirmed the news via Twitter, and shared a photograph of the script for the film. In the tweet he called the film “classic B5,” and noted that it would be “racuous, heartfelt, nonstop,” and “a ton of fun. The writer also stated that the film will be “a love letter to the fans” of Babylon 5.

No information on a release date or exact title of the film was revealed. However, Straczynski did note that the movie was already finished and done, and is “100% real, happening, and coming out very soon.” The creator said that other details would be coming out next week, which will include a specific release date and the film’s title.

The original Babylon 5 was created in 1993 after the success of a test pilot movie, Babylon 5: The Gathering. The series ran in syndication and on TNT for five seasons with 110 episodes in total, as well as six television films. The series followed the ongoing adventures of Babylon 5, a space station which housed military staff and alien diplomats.

The series was praised at the time of its release, and is now considered one of the greatest sci-fi series ever made. The show presented itself as a “novel for television,” with a pre-planned five-year story arc set up, and storylines that would take multiple episodes or even seasons to wrap up.

Throughout its run, Babylon 5 won various awards, including two Hugo Awards and a Saturn Award.