New Skate Game Details Character Customization, Cosmetics, Rewards, and More

Over a decade after the last installment, a new Skate game is on its way to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. While there’s still no release date, developers have shared multiple updates on the game’s development. Recently, the team discussed rewards, customization, cosmetics, and brand partnerships.

Skate developers describe customization options in the latest blog

The Skate team shared this new information in the latest installment of its development blog, The Board Room. Character and art design were major topics in the episode, with Character Art Director Jeff Goslan sharing insights into what the game is going for. The series has always been somewhat stylized, while skateboarding is a sport known for enabling self-expression. The team wants both aspects to find a place in the new game.

Players will see this in character customization, which will try to strike a balance between style and realism. Developers say Skate will feature extensive customization options, letting players adjust their character’s height and build. The player-character’s physical sex will also not determine which clothing options are available to them. Players can also customize their boards with different wheels, deck art, grip tape, stickers, and more.

Both feature a mix of fictional and real-world brands. The latter includes major brands like Vans, who provided Skate developer Full Circle with detailed 3D models of their shoes. Other real-life brands include Girl and Chocolate, with the developer planning to announce more brands closer to launch. Full Circle will also release additional cosmetics as DLC, including brands not featured in the base game.

Not all of Skate’s customization options will be freely available from the start. Instead, players will unlock them from the in-game store using both earned and premium currencies. However, Full Circle says players who choose not to purchase premium currencies can still access great in-game items.