Pamela Anderson to Star in Liam Neeson’s ‘Naked Gun’ Remake

Liam Neeson’s The Naked Gun has its leading lady: Pamela Anderson.

It’s maybe an off-kilter pick, but it’s fitting for the franchise, a spoof of old cop movies and TV shows that began as the short-lived television series Police Squad! and then became the hit trilogy of films The Naked Gun. Leslie Nielsen played bumbling LA cop Frank Drebin in the show and the movies.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, while “plot details [for the remake] are being locked away with other police files … it is known that Neeson is playing Drebin.” Anderson is the film’s main love interest.

In the original Naked Gun movies, Nielsen’s love interest was Jane, played by Priscilla Presley — who was also an unlikely choice as the star of a broad comedy. But she was great, so I see no reason why Anderson won’t work in much the same way.

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The Naked Gun remake is being directed by Akiva Schaffer, whose recent Chip ’n Dale: Rescue Rangers movie on Disney+ was maybe the only good spoof movie released in the last 15 years or more. If anyone can pull off a great new Naked Gun movie, it’s him. (Neeson, with his recent history of B-action movies that all look vaguely alike, is a great choice for Drebin too.)

This is not the first attempt at a revived Naked Gun franchise. A few years ago Ed Helms was supposed to star in a new Naked Gun movie as a younger Frank Drebin. That film never got past the development stage.

The Naked Gun remake is scheduled to open in theaters on July 18, 2025.

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