Paris Hilton takes credit for Barbie craze

Paris Hilton says her distinct pink obsession led to a renewed interest in Barbie, something we’re seeing against with the upcoming movie.

Paris Hilton Barbie

That’s hot…pink. As Mattel’s iconic doll Barbie sees a renaissance due almost exclusively to the upcoming movie, there’s someone most of us plain forgot about that thinks she deserves credit for its success – and thy name is Paris Hilton.

In a new Interview Magazine sitdown (with editor-in-chief and fashion designer Mel Ottenberg), Paris Hilton said that her penchant for wearing pink in the 2000s led to a Barbie-inspired fashion that she is directly responsible for leading. “I love all the pink. So, just to see everybody now in all pink and rocking that is just really incredible. I’ve been doing Barbiecore for so long, I probably invented Barbiecore…I really believe that. Besides Barbie, I was the first human…I love Barbie. She’s my idol and icon.” What, no Oppenheimer posh, Paris?

Whether she gets the due credit or not for mainstreaming the Barbie style (hey, it’s not going to Aqua, although they will be featured in the movie), Paris Hilton is far from holding a grudge with Greta Gerwig, as she posted on Instagram over the weekend that she was excited for Barbie.

In reality – that is, not Barbie Land – Paris Hilton promoted Barbiecore and her lavish lifestyle as a coping mechanism, telling The Mirror early this year, “I think that what I went through it was a trauma response where I created this character, this Barbie doll fantasy life so I didn’t have to think about what I went through.” As it is, Hilton can probably also be credited for the 2000s fads of “being famous for being famous” that ushered in the likes of Kim Kardashian and stuffing tiny dogs in your purse and taking them wherever you go (RIP Tinkerbell).

Unfortunately for Paris Hilton, it doesn’t seem she is one of the many stars to play one of the Barbies in the movie. Barbie comes to theaters on July 21stwhere it’s looking to cruise to a potential $80 million opening.

Do you think Paris Hilton deserves credit for any of Barbie’s 21st century success? Will you be catching the movie on opening weekend now that the hype from the premiere has landed? Let us know!