Paul Rudd feels Jeremy Renner has funny fake Cameo video after his accident

Jeremy Renner shares the hilarious fake cameo video Paul Rudd feels him while recovering in hospital after his snowplow accident.

Paul Rudd, Jeremy Renner

When you’re suffering, something as simple as a little laugh can go a long way. While making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jeremy Renner explained how his avengers co-star Paul Rudd made his day with an awkward fake Cameo video.

As we know, Jeremy Renner suffered multiple severe injuries earlier this year after he was crushed by a snowplow. During his gruelling recovery period, Jeremy Renner told Jimmy Kimmel that Paul Rudd sent him a video message. “Anyone know Cameo, where you can pay money and they get some movie star to say, ‘Hey, happy birthday?’Renner said. “He made a fake one — I didn’t even ask him to — he made a fake one like I’d paid him money for a Cameo.” Renner then shared the video, which you can check out below (the fake Cameo clip starts at 9:06).

Hi Jerry, I hear you’re a little banged up,“Rudd said in the video. “Got in a fight with a snowblower apparently? Anyway, I just wanted to send this video. It’s really from the heart. I hope you’re feeling better. Sounds like you are. Apparently, you’re a pretty tough guy,“Rudd continued. “Maybe I’ll get to meet you one day. Wouldn’t that be something?” Rudd concluded by saying, “In the meantime, take care and take it easy, ha ha, for a while. Next time, maybe just let the snow melt. Ha ha. Alright. Feel better, Jerry.

Jeremy Renner added that Paul Rudd came to visit him in the hospital “a couple times“after his accident, describing the actor as someone”I love so much.

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