Pierce Brosnan to Star in Werewolf Movie Directed by His Son

Pierce Brosnan is starring in a new werewolf movie titled Wolfland that is directed by his son, Sean Brosnan.

Per Variety, the James Bond actor has been tapped to star in Wolfland, which is directed and co-written by Sean Brosnan. Wolfland marks Sean Bronsan’s second time helming a feature film following 2016’s My Father Die.

Sean Brosnan has also starred in several film projects, including 2014’s Don Peyote, 2018’s Acts of Violence, and more.

What is Sean Brosnan’s Wolfland about?

The film, which is described as an “epic odyssey,” follows “a young teenager who, when his sister is viciously attacked and showing signs of a transformation, leaves his small village in search of a legendary werewolf hunter who can reverse the gruesome curse. When he finds the ‘legend,’ Devlin, slumped against a bar and in no mood for ghost stories, Delvin takes the kid’s money and agrees to hunt down this phantom monster, only to find themselves in a deadly whirlwind of carnage.”

Sean Brosnan said in a statement, “I’m excited to be working with Pierce on a film that aims to redefine the werewolf sub-genre. With the amazing special effects talents at Imaginarium, we’ll craft a werewolf transformation set to rival the iconic scenes from ‘An American Werewolf in London.’ We’re thrilled about the potential impact of an expanding ‘Wolfland’ universe.”

Sean Bronsan co-wrote the script for Wolfland alongside Matt D’Elia. 

Andy Serkis’ Imaginarium Studios will provide the creature design and effects for Wolfland. Marcus Warren for Light Sound Frequency and Christian Moore for The Consortium both serve as producers on the film, which is headed to the Cannes Film Festival later this month. Production is expected to begin later this year in the United Kingdom.

Wolfland does not yet have an official release date at this time.