Revenant Episode 6 Release Date & Time on Disney Plus

The Revenant Episode 6 release date and time have been confirmed. The next episode will air on Disney Plus. In the upcoming episode of this supernatural thriller Kdrama, we’d witness the story of Sanyeong as she continues to explore the world impacted by spirits.

Here’s when the next episode is coming out.

When is the Revenant Episode 6 release date and time?

The Revenant Episode 6 release date is Saturday, July 8, 2023.

The Revenant Episode 6 release time is:

  • 6 AM PT
  • 9 AM ET
  • 2 PM BST
  • 3 PM CEST

Where to watch Revenant Episode 6

Viewers can watch the upcoming episode on Disney Plus.

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If you haven’t signed up for Disney Plus yet, you have two options: you can pay $7.99 per month and watch with ads, or you can pay $10.99 per month and enjoy ad-free streaming. Either way, you will be able to watch all episodes of Revenant, a thrilling Kdrama series, along with many other shows on the platform.

Revenant follows the story of Ku San Young, a hard-working public officer who tries to improve her life. However, her life takes a dark turn when she finds some mysterious items that belonged to her late father and witnesses a series of unexplained deaths around her.

But as it turns out, a demon from another world possessed Ku San Young when a door to that realm opened up. Also playing an important role in the story is Yeom Hae Sang, who has the ability to see demons in this world and comes face to face with the demon that killed his mom when it possessed Ku San Young.

The official synopsis for Revenant reads:

“In this Korean occult mystery, a woman possessed by an evil spirit, and a man who can see evil spirits, uncover the secrets of mysterious deaths surrounding five spirits.”

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