‘Rogue One’ Director Says Stories About Movie Are Inaccurate

While it was somewhat divisive among fans, Rogue One is one of the most interesting Star Wars stories that’s been told in a long time. We wouldn’t have Andor without Rogue One, whether we’re talking about the narrative or the much darker tone. Rogue One was also one of the most expensive movies ever made, costing between $200-$265 million dollars. It managed to bring in $1.058 billion.

Despite the general public being aware of some of the production process, there are also tons of inaccuracies about what exactly happened floating around online. There were extensive reshoots and rewrites, but maybe not on the level people assume. Some have said that when Lucasfilm brought in Tony Gilroy in 2016, he essentially took over as the director despite not being credited as such.

The film’s director, Gareth Edwards, recently spoke with Kim Masters on The Business to dispel some misinformation about the film.

Rogue One (2016)

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“The stuff that is out there on the internet about what happened on that film — there is so much inaccuracy about the whole thing,” Edwards said. “Tony [Gilroy] came in, and he did a lot of great work, for sure. No doubt about it. But we all worked together until the last minute of that movie … The very last thing that we filmed in the pickup shoot was the Darth Vader corridor scene. I did all of that stuff.”

Edwards also insisted that he’s “proud of the movie we all made.” His new film, The Creator, is now playing in theaters.

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