Roseanne Barr calls Sara Gilbert to backstab

Roseanne has called out her former onscreen daughter Sara Gilbert for betraying her over the past few years.

Roseanne Sara Gilbert

There is more strife within the Conner clan, as Roseanne Barr is going after her former TV daughter, Sara Gilbert, who played middle child Darlene on Roseane. The former matriarch has come after Gilbert, saying she’s a backstabber who took advantage of her during the fallout from her racist tweets and cancellation of her show.

Speaking on the The Megyn Kelly ShowRoseanne blamed Sara Gilbert for where her reputation is now, saying her alleged traitorous ways have done a number, saying Gilbert told her, “’I’ve got your back this time. I won’t let anyone at you. I won’t let anyone hurt you. I’m gonna protect you.’ All the crap she told me and then she tweeted, ‘It’s sad when one cast member…’ something about racist blah blah, and I was floored. I was just floored.”

Roseanne added that once Sara Gilbert kept on with her comments on The Talkshe knew she had to confront her. “It wasn’t enough that she stabbed me in the back, and did what she did to me there, but then she would go on her talk show every day and talk about how shocked she was at my racism on top of it…I called her up and I said, ‘You better shut your blanking mouth about me. I’m telling you, you better shut your effing mouth.’ And then she did, but, you know, my voice can be very scary.” Oh, we know, Roseanne, we can still hear your “Star-Spangled Banner”…

Roseanne also thinks that Sara Gilbert’s comments may have fed into others, leading to an attempt to take down the comedian for good. “They just tried to kill me, and I felt like they killed my character and my character…I thought they were sending a message over the airwaves because they knew I had mental health issues. I thought they wanted me to kill myself, and all my friends did too. They said they’re trying to push you to suicide.”

Roseanne, of course, was fired after tweeting a racist remark about Valerie Jarrett, a former advisor to Barack Obama, something Sara Gilbert called her out on numerous times on social media. As a result, Roseane would be spun off into The Conners, which killed off her character prior to the first episode. That’s showbiz!

How do you feel about Roseanne’s comments towards longtime co-star Sara Gilbert? Do you see Roseanne have a legitimate career going forward?